Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Twitter Patted

spring at last! i loved waking up this morning to 59 degree weather which soon turned into 80 degrees. good-bye winter coats, hello shorts & sandals

i don't know about you, but spring makes me want to plant flowers, clean my room, & eat happily. so, after class today i managed to make it to home depot where i was assaulted by hanging baskets.  

as you can see i had options. 
after getting home with two baskets in tow, i stripped my bed & washed it, vacuumed like a 50's housewife, & even bathed my precious maggie. 

hah! that's me, minus the hair, the face, & the cute little dress.

after all the labor, i cooked me a delicious pasta salad [mmm mmm good] & i'm currently waiting for my triple chocolate chunk muffins to be fully baked [like i said, eat happily]

on a side-note, i just want to say how fortunate i am to have our fellow blogger ally in my life. i just love the way she jokes with me throughout class and my everyday life.
found this on my desk.

"you can trash this for me. thanks" 
she's such a jokester & i really do love her. 

tomorrow's calling for rain. 
pulling out the rain boots & rain jacket [some of my favorite]!


  1. yay for spring..it was 77 here today! reallly makes me want to clean- spring cleaning :) i wish i had a little deck off of my apt for hanging and putting flowers/plants on!

  2. leslie sent me here, and i'm so glad she did!! cute blog and welcome to the blogging world :)

  3. oh my word! i just saw this post!!! so sweet at the end! i literally laughed out loud. i forgot about that! bahahahaha!