Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wag More, Bark Less

this weekend will be kodi's first birthday! she's a growing girl! 

we aren't planning much... i'm making her a doggie birthday cake from her daddy & i ordered her a kong frisbee & ball from amazon. 
she's going to love them!
then we are taking her to camp woof where she gets to play with all her friends. yeah, we spoil her, but she's terribly worth it. 

mitch & i [& when i say "mitch & i", he's technically the owner. i'm just the girlfriend's owner. but because i was there to pick her out & name her she's basically mine too, & he agrees] adopted her from a local animal shelter. kodi's a german shepard & husky mix & we fell in love with her the first day we met. she was only 2 weeks old. 
puppies aren't allowed to be adopted until they're eight weeks old & we couldn't pass her up, so we visited her every week till then. 
eights weeks rolled around & we took her home. unfortunately she got sick with mange and lost a good bit of hair.

thankfully she's recovered quickly. you can tell where she lost her hair, poor thing. 

she wasn't always cute

it wasn't long before she was back to normal & growing!
this was summer 2010
 i have a special place in my heart for animals, especially dogs. kodi's been a wonderful addition to our lives. though it might seem silly, but i'm excited ecstatic about her birthday party. i just know she's going to be tickled.

these are few shots of her being the wonderful loyal companion she is.

i'll post some pictures this weekend of the party. 

remember, wag more & bark less

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Twitter Patted

spring at last! i loved waking up this morning to 59 degree weather which soon turned into 80 degrees. good-bye winter coats, hello shorts & sandals

i don't know about you, but spring makes me want to plant flowers, clean my room, & eat happily. so, after class today i managed to make it to home depot where i was assaulted by hanging baskets.  

as you can see i had options. 
after getting home with two baskets in tow, i stripped my bed & washed it, vacuumed like a 50's housewife, & even bathed my precious maggie. 

hah! that's me, minus the hair, the face, & the cute little dress.

after all the labor, i cooked me a delicious pasta salad [mmm mmm good] & i'm currently waiting for my triple chocolate chunk muffins to be fully baked [like i said, eat happily]

on a side-note, i just want to say how fortunate i am to have our fellow blogger ally in my life. i just love the way she jokes with me throughout class and my everyday life.
found this on my desk.

"you can trash this for me. thanks" 
she's such a jokester & i really do love her. 

tomorrow's calling for rain. 
pulling out the rain boots & rain jacket [some of my favorite]!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quick Recap

the campout was a success last night. though my twin sisters were the only two that survived the entire night out there, it was still a blast

now for a quick recap of my junior year's spring break [you will be greatly missed]

my sisters had 6 ten year olds spend the night. good thing it was the same night i was leaving for the beach. mom hardly slept that night. 

leslie, ally, & i soaking up some rays

 we spent an evening snapping lots of cute/cheesy pictures. this one deserves a frame. 

well, spring break, i enjoyed you while you lasted. leslie & ally, ladies, glad i was able to spend it with you. now it's time to mentally prepare myself for next week & the work load to come. 

wish me luck!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shocker! I'm a Blogger!

never thought i see the day when i'd be a blogger. took a solid hard five minute convincing from ally jackson and leslie bentley... basically it was easy, cause i soon realized how much i would enjoy it. so here i am! 
a little about me, i'm an early childhood education major at north georgia college. i'm a daughter of two outstanding parents and a sissy to four unique, dramatic divas. i live everyday of my life through my Lord and Savior. i'm a picture-holic as well as a dessert one. this is my blog about my life and all that's in store for me. 

missing one sister. but this is us in a nutshell.
me & the boyfriend being silly

that's all for now. tonight my family and i are camping in our backyard to end my spring break with smores, games, and tons of laughs. expect pictures!