Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quick Recap

the campout was a success last night. though my twin sisters were the only two that survived the entire night out there, it was still a blast

now for a quick recap of my junior year's spring break [you will be greatly missed]

my sisters had 6 ten year olds spend the night. good thing it was the same night i was leaving for the beach. mom hardly slept that night. 

leslie, ally, & i soaking up some rays

 we spent an evening snapping lots of cute/cheesy pictures. this one deserves a frame. 

well, spring break, i enjoyed you while you lasted. leslie & ally, ladies, glad i was able to spend it with you. now it's time to mentally prepare myself for next week & the work load to come. 

wish me luck!

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  1. Hey Laurie, Ally told me to come visit since your a new blogger and buddy of hers and leslies! Anyway, Welcome to blogger land , you will meet some fabulous ladies through this hobby hands down definately. You are absolutely beautiful and im jealous of your tan girl! good luck on your first week back at school! :) I could never last during a campout, i would enjoy the smores and then go in at night time to use the potty and shower and sleep in a decent bed where i wont have bugs biting and other creachers coming to life in the woods haha! have a fabulous afternoon/evening dear :)