Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shocker! I'm a Blogger!

never thought i see the day when i'd be a blogger. took a solid hard five minute convincing from ally jackson and leslie bentley... basically it was easy, cause i soon realized how much i would enjoy it. so here i am! 
a little about me, i'm an early childhood education major at north georgia college. i'm a daughter of two outstanding parents and a sissy to four unique, dramatic divas. i live everyday of my life through my Lord and Savior. i'm a picture-holic as well as a dessert one. this is my blog about my life and all that's in store for me. 

missing one sister. but this is us in a nutshell.
me & the boyfriend being silly

that's all for now. tonight my family and i are camping in our backyard to end my spring break with smores, games, and tons of laughs. expect pictures! 


  1. yay!! Welcome to the blogging world!! :)

  2. Welcome in the blogging world!

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