Monday, April 25, 2011

Coming to an End

Taking my last final exam this afternoon. What a glorious feeling it is to almost be done!

Then, by the end of this week I will be moved home & there till I graduate! 

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!

Mom made her famous lobster bisque for dinner! Mmmm!

I even visited my Kindergarteners Friday to help during their Easter egg hunt. What a blast!


Monday, April 18, 2011


Time for a new cover! 
Can't decide which one I want the most. 
M-Edge makes great products.

 Elizabeth David from Etsy, makes the cutest EReader Covers.

Mom would like this one.

Easter and Mother's Day are coming up. Great gift ideas. 
So many to choose from!


Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yesterday was extra special because I had semi-formal, which was basically a college-version of high school homecoming but WAY better. 

So my loyal companion & I got all dressed up to dance our hearts out.

Also! Yesterday was my last day of placement. I had been at Lanier Elementary all school year, so it was a bitter sweet feeling leaving. I will miss Lanier!

me & ally

then we headed over to Reid's for some delicious lunch. 


hope everyone is enjoying the weekend

Thursday, April 14, 2011


supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment

finally i'm able to catch my breath. my to-do list is getting compete & the semester is coming to a close. i only have days left till summer break & i'll be a SENIOR!

can't wait for my list to more like this...


Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Jam

What FUN!
Yesterday our school's Student Activities Board put together a Grease themed Spring Jam for all the students. 
leslie, me, & ally

riding the sizzler, literally the best ride!

ferris wheel

me & lauren about to ride the sizzler for the second time

this was a terrific way to start my weekend. 
hope yall have a great one too!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Obsessions

i know everyone has their little obsessions that most don't realize are obsessions, that is until someone calls you out on it...

i'm a victoria's secret shopper. i've bought many things online, stores, & through their catalogs. because i'm in college i have my own place here. i received two coupons in the mail from them just the other day. but i actually got four, because two were sent to my house in dahlonega & two were sent to my parents house [this is going somewhere i promise]. so naturally i used all four this weekend!

i managed to get all kinds of stuff for a great price!

my number one loyal companion tagged along [this took me by surprise]. at first i couldn't decide what i wanted to purchase with my two $10 off coupons. i finally decided to get underwear. he was disappointed in me. he said that i have "more underwear than he does clothes." which made me realize "yeah, you're right."

i really do have an obsession with underwear. i love victoria's secret & can honestly say that i do have a minor obsession with underwear but i think everyone should. who wouldn't be obsessed with buying sexy underwear that makes you feel good when you wear it?

what are your healthy obsessions?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What'a Week

this week was beyond words. i felt like i had so much to catch up on in school & everything else just seemed stressful. BUT finally, thursday afternoon i received the best news! me, along with the rest of the early childhood program found out where we will be completing our internships! 

YES, very exciting news. that mean i'm moving home [which i'm tickled pink about ]
i'll be at martin elementary for the year & can't wait!

as soon as we got that news ally & i raced over to the school library & did a little googlemaping. 
for all of you that can see it, it is basically a map of my house & ally's house, our intern schools & finally where we will be meeting to take classes everyday. 

this single moment had my entire week better. 

i know i said i'd post pictures of kodi's birthday. because this week was wild i never had the chance. but here they are!
kodi at camp woof. her favorite place to play. 

let me tell you what, making that cake was not easy so i improvised & made her dog treats. not all turned out great but she loved them. 

hope ya'll have wonderfully blessed weekend!