Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Obsessions

i know everyone has their little obsessions that most don't realize are obsessions, that is until someone calls you out on it...

i'm a victoria's secret shopper. i've bought many things online, stores, & through their catalogs. because i'm in college i have my own place here. i received two coupons in the mail from them just the other day. but i actually got four, because two were sent to my house in dahlonega & two were sent to my parents house [this is going somewhere i promise]. so naturally i used all four this weekend!

i managed to get all kinds of stuff for a great price!

my number one loyal companion tagged along [this took me by surprise]. at first i couldn't decide what i wanted to purchase with my two $10 off coupons. i finally decided to get underwear. he was disappointed in me. he said that i have "more underwear than he does clothes." which made me realize "yeah, you're right."

i really do have an obsession with underwear. i love victoria's secret & can honestly say that i do have a minor obsession with underwear but i think everyone should. who wouldn't be obsessed with buying sexy underwear that makes you feel good when you wear it?

what are your healthy obsessions?


  1. agreed. i have wayyyyy too many VS undies. i love them :) i love getting the 5 for 25 and my drawer is basically overflowing..but that is definitely a healthy obsession ha
    other healthy obsession- coffee mugs. running out of cabinet space for them now!

  2. ooh fabulous!! I adore pitchers, bold colorful napkins and sandals galore!

  3. I also love to buy underwears! I get them from La Senza.